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    At Massage Therapy and Bodyworks your massage will be customized to fit your needs.  There's no need to decide which type of massage you want before booking an appointment.  You and your massage therapist will figure out what's right for you when you come in.  Booking an appointment is made simple with our online scheduling system.


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    Massage Modalities

    There are many different types of massage out there.  Often the best massage for you requires more than just one technique.  That's the why we don't ask you to choose a specific type of massage when booking an appointment.  If you prefer to have a massage using only one modality, that's what you will get, but more often than not the therapist will blend multiple massage techniques into your session to create one highly effective treatment.   

    Neuromuscular Therapy
    • Advanced interactive massage technique

    • Involves analyzing your posture, measuring range of motion and muscle length

    • Targets trigger points

    • Great for pain relief and restricted range of motion

    Swedish Massage
    • This is the most common and well known massage technique.

    • Incorporates long gliding strokes to promote relaxation and to calm the nervous system

    • Great for overall relaxation

    Deep Tissue Massage
    • Works with deeper layers of muscle and fascia

    • Don't worry; there is no need for this technique to painful.  The pressure will be adapted to your needs

    • Great for improving mobility

    Myofascial Release
    • Stretches connective tissue

    • Decrease tension

    • Improves postural imbalances